No 2 (2016)

Legal and Political Dimensions of Contemporary Conflicts in Europe

Table of Contents


Preface PDF
Roman Petrov v-vi


The EU and Conflict Mitigation in the European Neighborhood: A Story of a Gap Between Ambition and Deeds PDF
Zuzana Novakova, Roman Petrov 1-12
The Crimea Crisis from an International Law Perspective PDF
Christian Marxsen 13-36
Crimea’s Annexation in the Light of International Law. A Critique of Russia’s Legal Argumentation PDF
Oleksandr Merezhko 37-89
The Orange and Euromaidan Revolutions: Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives PDF
Taras Kuzio 91-115
Hybrid War or Civil War? The Interplay of Some Methods of Russian Foreign Policy Propaganda with International Law PDF
Oleksandr Zadorozhnii 117-128
The Challenge of Peace Building and Conflict Transformation: A Case Study of Northern Ireland PDF
Neil Jarman 129-146
Cost of Parliamentary Politics in Ukraine PDF
Andriy Meleshevych 147-170
The “Invisible Battalion”: Women in ATO Military Operations in Ukraine PDF
Tamara Martsenyuk, Ganna Grytsenko, Anna Kvit 171-187
Illegal Crossing of the State Border in Light of Polish Criminal Law PDF
Katarzyna Banasik 189-201
The Separatism of Chechnya in 1991: Prerequisites for the Republic’s Secession from Russia PDF
Ruslan Kermach 203-216

New Developments in Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights

Post-Conflict Reparation: Ukrainian Restitution Remedies for Property and Restitution Complaints before the European Court of Human Rights PDF
Tetyana Antsupova 217-226