Kyiv-Mohyla Law and Politics Journal

Kyiv-Mohyla Law and Politics Journal (KMLPJ) is an international, interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed online journal. It covers the broad areas of Law and Politics, focusing mainly on Jurisprudence, Constitutional and International Law Issues, Political Theory and Methodology, and Area and European Studies. KMLPJ is published in a cooperation with Ukrainian European Studies Association.

The inaugural issue is published due to the financial support of the family of Viktoria Gumeniuk & Serhiy Seheda, both NaUKMA graduates.

ISSN 2414-9942

Frequency: Аnnual
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No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents


A Word of Welcome from the President of NaUKMA PDF
Andriy Meleshevych v


The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement: A New Legal Instrument of Integration Without Membership? PDF
Roman Petrov, Cuillaume Van der Loo, Peter Van Elsuwege 1-19
Direct Horizontal Effect of the Basic Freedoms of the EU Internal Market PDF
Peter-Christian Müller-Graff 21-37
The Winter of Our Discontent: Emotions and Contentious Politics in Ukraine during Euromaidan PDF
Ivan Gomza, Nadiia Koval 39-62
The Regional Level of Ukraine’s Party System in 2005–2012 PDF
Valentyna Romanova 63-81
The Role of State in Ukrainian Business: Violent Bespredel and Profitable Partner PDF
Tatiana Kyselova 83-112
HIV-activism in a Post-socialist State: The Case of Ukraine PDF
Tetyana Semigina 113-133
Collective and Personal Representations of the Crimean Tatars in the Ukrainian Media Discourse: Ideological Implications and Power Relations PDF
Anastasia Bezverkha 135-157
Legal Accountability for the Holodomor-Genocide of 1932–1933 (Great Famine) in Ukraine PDF
Myroslava Antonovych 159-176
Fighting the Lernaean Hydra — General Measures in the Operative Part of the European Court of Human Rights’ Judgments: Broad Context and Ukrainian Perspectives PDF
Olga Dubinska, Oleg Soldatov 177-206
EU Law Concepts as Legal Transplants: Linguistic Difficulties of Transferring EU Consumer Law Concepts into Ukrainian Legal System PDF
Olena Samsonova 207-231


Ukrainian Security Policy and the Threat from the East: Key Findings from Kyiv (Presentation at the US-UA Working Group: Yearly Summit, June 19, 2014) PDF
Glen E. Howard 233-236


The Holodomor of 1932–1933 in Ukraine as a Crime of Genocide under International Law [Holodomor 1932–1933 rokiv v Ukraini iak zlochyn henotsydu zhidno z mizhnarodnym pravom], eds. Volodymyr Vasylenko and Myroslava Antonovych PDF
Yulia Anosova 237-239
Reconciling Enemy States in Europe and Asia by Seunghoon Emilia Heo PDF
Nadiia Koval 241-244
Legislative Approximation and Application of EU Law in the Eastern Neighbourhood of the European Union, eds. Peter Van Elsuwege and Roman Petrov PDF
Mykhailo Mykievych 245-246