E-ISSN: 2414-9942

No 3 (2017)

Special Issue: Civil Society in Post-Euromaidan Ukraine

Table of Contents


Introduction to the Special Issue. Civil Society in Ukraine: Building on Euromaidan Legacy PDF
Olga Burlyuk, Natalia Shapovalova, Kateryna Zarembo 1-22
New Civic Activism in Ukraine: Building Society from Scratch? PDF
Susann Worschech 23-45
Substituting for the State: The Role of Volunteers in Defense Reform in Post-Euromaidan Ukraine PDF
Kateryna Zarembo 47-70
The Comparative Analysis of Regional Governors’ Approaches to Fostering Inclusive Political Institutions in Post-Euromaidan Donbas PDF
Valentyna Romanova 71-89
Talking Peace at the Edge of War: Local Civil Society Narratives and Reconciliation in Eastern Ukraine PDF
Ganna Bazilo, Giselle Bosse 91-116
Professional Peacemakers in Ukraine: Mediators and Dialogue Facilitators Before and After 2014 PDF
Tatiana Kyselova 117-136
Between Professionalism and Activism: Ukrainian Journalism after the Euromaidan PDF
Halyna Budivska, Dariya Orlova 137-156
Learning the Lessons from the Euromaidan: The ups and downs of LGBT Activism in the Ukrainian public sphere PDF
Maryna Shevtsova 157-180
The European Union through the Eyes of Ukrainian Think Tankers: Studying EU Perceptions Post-Euromaidan PDF
Vera Axyonova, Diana Zubko 181-200


Taras Kuzio. Putin's War Against Ukraine. North Charleston: Create Space Independent Publishing Platform, 2017 PDF
Oleksii Sydorchuk 201-203