The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement: A New Legal Instrument of Integration Without Membership?

Roman Petrov, Cuillaume Van der Loo, Peter Van Elsuwege


This article analyses the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement (EU-Ukraine AA). It argues that this new legal framework, which has the objective to establish a unique form of political association and economic integration, is characterized by three specific features: comprehensiveness, complexity and conditionality. After a brief background of the EU-Ukraine relations, the following aspects are scrutinized: legal basis and objectives, institutional framework and mechanisms of enhanced conditionality, and legislative approximation. In addition, constitutional challenges for the effective implementation of the EU-Ukraine AA are discussed. Based upon a comparison with other EU external agreements, it is demonstrated that the EU-Ukraine AA is an innovative legal instrument providing for a new type of integration without membership.


European Union; Ukraine; Association Agreement; Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area; integration; legislative approximation

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